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This weekend was filled with long lovely lunches at La Mouette (http://lamouette-restaurant.co.za/), birthday parties, Adventure Bootcamp Gala dinners, breakfasts and walks on the beach but birthday celebrations started out earlier in the week with Sour Cream Lemon pie made for our Bible Study Group and a “to me, from me” box of happy from YuppieChef (www.yuppiechef.co.za) where I finally bought myself a pestle and mortar.

Even though my birthday weekend was very busy, I still couldn’t quite justify a weekend without baking so I made these cupcakes so that I could at least blow out a candle and have something to nibble when the hustle and bustle finally came to an end on Sunday night. Oh, I also made Turkish Delight for the first time on Saturday morning before dashing to a birthday party of my daughter’s friend so I have lots to post about this week. If only I can find the time between work and training *sigh*. Will have to do my best.

For the recipe, please visit http://food.rumtumtiggs.co.za/high-hat-cupcakes/