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In my endeavor to post more food related blogs – lest my readers think all I do is make and eat cake, I decided to start making a note of what I cook and see if anything worth blogging about comes out.

So, last night I made some mince curry and had it with the rotis with a flop proof roti recipe from one of my favourite bloggers, Mitzi (http://blogs.food24.com/members/mitzireddy/).

Cooking is more of an instinct for me where there is no real right and wrong. Sure, the major principles are important but you cannot be a good cook unless you “feel” it. You need to engage all your senses and rely on what feels right. Although, if you’re like my hubby who, in the early part of our relationship, thought stuffing a whole chicken with a can of tuna before roasting it was “right” then we need to go back to the drawing board – and, you’re in the right place. The bloggers you are surrounded with are REAL PEOPLE not gourmet chefs – and we’re always ready and willing to advise and make suggestions.

For the recipe, please visit http://food.rumtumtiggs.co.za/mince-curry-and-homemade-rotis/