Just before #FBI2012, Colleen Grove (@collywolly) ran a giveaway on Twitter with Manley Communications (@manleycom) where 5 followers could win at place at Reuben’s tasting table at One & Only on Monday, 25 June 2012. I was one of the lucky ones and I looked forward to seeing Candice (@gorgeousblog), Jeanne (@cooksisterblog), Sam (@drizzleanddip) and Colleen (@collywolly) again after the craziness of #FBI2012 where they were all far too busy to chat for any length of time due to the tight time schedule we were kept to.

Arriving at The One & Only (@OOCapeTown) I was a little awestruck to be in such a beautiful venue and while the soft lighting did nothing to assist in taking pictures, it had all the elements of a decadent evening out. I was greeted by Colleen & Donald Grove (looking forward to that guest blog post Donald ;)) and Ian from Manley Communications and immediately a glass of bubbly appeared in my hand. That was just a taste of the type of service I would be experiencing that night. After meeting Kate (@saltedcaramel) and Nothando (@jozifoodiefix) we chatted for a bit before being led up to the large round table just next to the One & Only enviable wine sellar that can be freely admired through its glass walls.

We just to got settled at the table and were suprised to see a “Lazy Susan” straight out of the 70’s in such a posh venue when Reuben Riffel popped his head in to say hello. He apologised for not joining us since he was ill but gave us a bit of a background into the reason behind the tasting table and how each dish had managed to win a space on the menu. As I had found at #FBI2012, everyone looks much better in person and Reuben was no exception wearing a chocolate brown leather jacket and looking like he had just stepped off the set of Top Gun.

The tasting menu was a treat and well priced at R275 per person (without wine pairings) and R595 with wine pairings. It was great to have dinner in a relaxed, sharing atmosphere where the “Lazy Susan” encouraged conversation and giggles as the dishes were circulated and shared. I won’t go into detail about the menu as it would ruin the suprise but I would encourage you to make a booking at restaurant.reservations@oneandonlycapetown.com or call (27) (21) 431 4511.

Disclaimer: This experience was made possible (and paid for) by Manley Communications and One & Only Cape Town.