Sometimes you find great recipes in the least likely places. One of my favourite (non food related bloggers) is Vanessa Raphaely and I read her blog every day. She posted this recipe not too long ago and it was an instant decision to copy and paste because I was looking for a recipe for chocolate cheesecake that didn’t need me to use gelatine (yes, that fear is still alive and well) and it seemed easy enough with no need for hard to find or expensive ingredients. So, here is the recipe as copied and pasted from her site.

Not my pic but a stock photo

Heaven on a plate


For the crust:

500 ml Ginger Nuts or similar (Catherine says Marie Biscuits, but I say, oh pooh, Ginger Nuts all the way)

113g of butter, melted, or a little more, if you want.


Bash the biscuits in a plastic bag, if you haven’t got the right equipment. (I’m on holiday. I’ve got some of my stuff, but not all.) You choose how finely you want them crunched.

Melt the butter and mix together until the texture looks like crumble. Line the base of a spring-form cake tin and as much of the sides as you can manage. Don’t worry about perfection. That’s it.

For the filling:

2  tubs low-fat smooth cottage cheese (650 ml.) Or, you can use full-fat if you are feeling robust.

1 tub (250 ml)sour cream

3 eggs

2 bottle tops of brandy

A generous slug of real coffee

3/4 cup (180ml) of sugar (Sorry, but you have to)

200g (2 bars) of dark Lindt or Cadbury’s Bourneville Chocolate

2T of cocoa

Preheat oven to 175/180 deg centigrade. Melt chocolate over heat. Mix cottage cheese and sour cream and blend well. Add the eggs, sugar, coffee, brandy and vanilla and beat well. Mix in melted chocolate and cocoa. When it’s a handsome cappucino colour, pour into crust and bake for 45 minutes. When you take it out the oven, it looks a little wobbly. That’s fine. Let it cool down and stick it in the fridge.

Just a note on the photo, it is a stock photo that I downloaded from the internet as I have been frustrated with the lack of good light or photographic equipment available in my house. I am hoping that after the Food Bloggers Indaba ( in June, I will have a better understanding of food photography and have better quality photos for this blog.

Have you found recipes in unusual places? Sometimes the best recipes are found when you’re not looking for them and it makes me very grateful for the age of technology that we live in because you never have to copy, cut out or paste into a recipe book again.